Fourteen Little Words

Perhaps it is “We” that scares them the most.  For them Whiteness is only a problem to be confronted or an impolite social fiction.   The idea that some of us might not participate in solving that issue by politely fading away disturbs them to no end.  And what’s worse, we not only refuse to cooperate but we refuse to be ashamed.

“Must” isn’t real popular with anybody either. When you start talking about responsibility you immediately  lose a big chunk of your audience.  The folks who benefit from this eternal adolescence want to keep it that way. The last thing they want is their atomized market of consumers organizing to change things.

“Secure,” well, that’s another problem.  You secure a perimeter; you secure a border; you secure a fortress.   Securing something means distinguishing between innengarth and outergarth, between citizen and alien, between us and them.  For them all this is merely  an outdated tool of oppression and cause of endless suffering.

“The Existence” bothers them because it is self-evident. We have European roots reaching back over 40,000 years. You can’t have “White privilege” without privileged White people; you can’t have “White fragility” and “White tears” without fragile crying White folks.  No amount of sophistry will make us vanish but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

“Of our People” frequently garners a nervous laugh. What can a gaggle of incels, gamers, trolls, /polacks, Stormers, MGTOWs, Deplorables and poor White Trash help to accomplish?  It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s easy to note how concerned some people get every time we start coming together to get our cracker on.

“And” what’s more, those hateful bigots have other demands! We demand “A Future!”  In a world where people chase “experiences” rather than things, seizing the day is more popular than planning for the morrow.  Many business might fail and many plans be undone should those “peak moments” be dismissed as distractions from a greater goal.

“For White children.”  Now those are fighting words.  Not only do we refuse to cooperate in our own self-destruction, we promise to be a thorn in their side for generations to come.  We see ourselves as part of an unbroken tradition stretching back millennia, and we intend to pass down that tradition to our Descendants as it was handed down by our Ancestors.

Cue outrage, gasping, clutching of pearls and shaking, literally shaking.

According to the Anti-Defamation League the 14 Words are “the most popular white supremacist slogan in the world.”  (Less charitably, anybody who speaks the 14 Words automatically wins a spot on the ADL’s ever-growing list of “White Supremacists.”)  But the 14 Words say nothing about “White Supremacy.” It is Lane’s critics who have declared our existence and our future to be “White Supremacy.”

Few would argue if Cory Booker or Jesse Jackson cried out passionately “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Black children.”  Nobody would be surprised if a Japanese politician expresses his desire to secure the existence of his people and a future for Japanese children.  Why, there’s a whole country dedicated to preserving the existence of Jewish people and a future for Jewish children! We are left to wonder what makes our White heritage so toxic and our children so undeserving of a better tomorrow.

Perhaps you are concerned about David Lane’s colorful past.  Lane was sentenced to 190 years for his role in a series of 1984 bank robberies, a synagogue bombing and the murder of Jewish talk radio host Alan Berg. Like Sir Thomas Malory, Boethius and John Bunyan Lane wrote prolifically from prison.  Besides his 14 Words Lane also penned many tracts widely read on the White Right today: the 88 Precepts are probably his most well-known.

In re: your inquiry concerning David Lane’s credibility

The 14 Words have become a litmus test.  If you reject them you are an enemy; if you proclaim them you are an ally; if you won’t use them for fear of being called a “Nazi” you are useless no matter what you believe.  The very notoriety which drives away the lukewarm gives street cred amongst the young and rebellious.  But whether they are used as a profession of faith or an anti-virtue signal, the 14 Words have become one of the White Right’s most successful memes.  History will determine whether Lane was a terrorist or a freedom fighter.  Many of the young people who are today shouting his words will be making that history.

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    Not too bad, we need as many people reading David Eden Lane’s writings as possible. That’s coming from somebody who carries some of his ashes and owns some of his items and isebtrusted with his legacy. Don’t you worry one ounce about me, do your duty and study what David taught and do your best to awaken as many people as possible. He spoke uncompromising truth. Death to “United States”! #14Words #WotanNetwork

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