You Loved the Blog. Now there’s a Podcast.

Europa’s Children: the Blog has now been joined by Europa’s Children: the Podcast.  In our first episode I tackle the burning question “Why did you become a White Supremacist?”  All criticism is welcome but please be gentle: I’m still mastering Audacity and learning how to work with a very sensitive microphone in a very noisy apartment.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts in a new medium — and to seeing my loyal readers become loyal listeners too!

6 thoughts on “You Loved the Blog. Now there’s a Podcast.

  1. I am going to be moving off Soundcloud in a bit: for now I am using it while I learn the intricacies of Audacity and recording. I can’t syndicate direct to iTunes using Soundcloud and that was one of my primary motivations for going to audio.


  2. Not you too! Seems more and more of my favorite blogs are going to podcasts, I hate it, I prefer to read than listen.


    1. I am the same way, which is why I have come so late to the podcast game. I am still planning on putting up regular blog posts and see podcasts as more a supplemental activity. At the end of the day I’m more a writer than a public speaker.


  3. Count me among those less-than-enthusiastic about podcasts. I don’t have a long commute by car anymore, so that’s one strike, but the main thing is the difficulty in returning to a particular passage and re-reading/hearing it. And I read faster than I listen.


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