We are the Goon Squad and We’re Coming to Town


Today intersectional diversity-affirming microaggression-shaming Social Justice Warfare is enjoying (insofar as those people are capable of enjoying anything) the spotlight.  It has been nearly 50 years since mainstream Liberalism has so ardently embraced radical terrorists. In Berkeley police stand down while AntiFa terrorists shut down “White Supremacists” like Milo Yiannopoulous: at Vermont’s Middlebury College students injured a professor and shut down a speech by Human Biodiversity scholar and Bell Curve author Charles Murray.  Since Trump’s rise worries about incipient fascism have been whipped to a fever pitch by mainstream media and once-obscure anarcho-communist collectives have been recast in that effort as foot soldiers against Orange Hitler and his Minions of Evil.

The 1999 Seattle riots outside a World Trade Organization meeting first brought the Black Bloc into wider consciousness: eighteen years later, hooded and masked black-clad protesters have become one of the most widely-recognized images of the anti-Trump protests.  All across America kids are sewing AntiFa and No Nazis patches on their black hoodies and buying bandanas. This isn’t because they plan to protest, mind you, or that they even have any idea what AntiFa stands for. They just they want everybody to think they are cool, dangerous and revolutionary. But there is a problem with riding waves of popular support: everything which goes up must inevitably come down.

14-white-nationalist-flyers01-w710-h473In the 70s radical terrorists were feted at parties and supporting groups like the Black Panthers and Weather Underground was cool: by the 80s greed was good and liberalism equated with tree-hugging stupidity. With fame comes closer scrutiny. Every attack on innocent bystanders (and every ass-whipping received at the hands of the opposition) is broadcast to an increasingly critical audience. What seemed novel and exciting one becomes tiresome and expected: it is only a matter of time until AntiFa and the Black Bloc jump the shark. AntiFa can survive being hated. It can survive being hunted down by law enforcement. Can it survive becoming unfashionable?

While black hoodies are lauded as this season’s must-wear accessory, the Alternative Right is fast becoming a genuine counterculture. Leftism is tired, self-righteous and strident: they’ve got Everyday Feminism, while the Alt.Right has Pepe, Kek and the 4chan trolls who keep stealing Shia LeBoeuf’s flag. Nothing strengthens a counterculture like opposition: every “Nazi-punching” incident draws more newcomers to alt.right blogs and forums.

Dating a Black guy won’t shock your parents, but declaring yourself a White Nationalist may just get them hopping up and down in a suitably excited fashion.  College administrators, anti-racist activists and the usual gaggle of humorless vegans foam at the mouth every time they find a BE PROUD OF YOUR RACE sticker or a SERVE YOUR PEOPLE flyer. Throw in a few more incidents where pepper spray gets jammed up a black-clad orifice; where a Based Stickman uses some AntiFa skulls for drum solos; where the “Nazis” start punching back. If you want to be (or to look like) a cool, dangerous, edgy revolutionary, you may find a Death in June T-shirt or Identity Evropa poster more than suitable for your needs.

I have said before that many working-class and poorer Whites are turned off by swastikas and racist r48chetoric.  Many wealthier and college-educated White youths may feel differently. These children were raised on video games: they see little difference between Hitler’s stormtroopers and George Lucas’s stormtroopers.  If they think of the Holocaust at all, they see it as the punchline to a joke.  In a world of Sandy Hook truthers and Pizzagaters, who’s going to believe you when you start talking about all the bad things Hitler did?   (Or care anyway, seeing as how they’ve been hearing anti-Zionist rhetoric since they started college and are convinced Israel is an evil racist colonial apartheid state). For them “Nazi” is just a snarl word with little connection to any kind of historical reality. But if it makes the right people hop up and down, it can be useful as a trolling tool. And everybody knows trolls don’t really mean what they’re saying, it’s all just calculated outrage — something postmodern hipsters understand all too well.

I see no reason why younger and more prosperous White Americans won’t soon see White Identitarianism as a cool affectation.  The same kids who are sporting AntiFa patches today might well be wearing Identity Evropa gear within a year or two.  They might not be interested in doing anything productive toward preserving the existence of our people or a future for White children. They may drift away from the a72cause after it fails to get them laid: they may no less annoying as allies than they were as foes.  But there is still strength in numbers. By identifying even briefly with the Alternative Right they help to further open the Overton Window and spark discussions on currently suppressed and verboten topics.  And who knows what might happen if ritualized self-loathing is replaced with good old-fashioned ancestral pride?

As AntiFa will soon learn and as the Alt.Right must remember, the road from Wired to Tired is a short one.  Any short-term attention received must be used to further long-term goals and make lasting changes.  (White Identitarians have an enormous advantage in this arena. AntiFa’s anarchist credo leaves them better suited for tearing down political structures than for building them up). And for every trendy political cause that changes the world, there are hundreds which fade to nothing after their goals prove unattainable or their leaders unworthy. Still, if one is dedicated there is much you can accomplish with 15 minutes of fame: we can only hope that current trends help us to beat our detractors in the court of public opinion and to put the “fash” in fashionable.

One thought on “We are the Goon Squad and We’re Coming to Town

  1. I’m fine with Europeans and European-Americans being proud of their heritage. White guilt is as useless as it is annoying, loving your heritage and your ancestors is natural for everyone. However, one should be able to love their heritage without dragging down others and/or vilifying multi-racial people and families. There are supremacists and extremists in all groups, but most other races seem to have no problem with having pride and without being violent and hostile to other races. For whites, they seem almost incapable of this; and I don’t know why this is. This unfortunately has made “white pride” a dirty word and minorities (not to mention any whites with non-white family and friends) have come to fear it.

    Aside from a few extreme leftist nutjobs (which I wholeheartedly disagree with- I believe racism is a two way street) , no one is saying or doing anything to prevent white people from breeding. Whites are free to love and procreate as they choose, as all people should be. Including people of mixed ethnicity. White nationalists are ones who believe that mixed people do not have the right to exist, and need to be destroyed. Anti-miscegenation is a disgusting sentiment; and I think it is unfortunate that any sort of white pride must also be pro-segregation. Other races manage to love their heritage and not be racists about it, so in theory, whites should too.

    Even so, as nasty as a sentiment I find “racial purity”, if white nationalists just kept to themselves and left everyone alone, I wouldn’t really be that bothered. Keep to your forums and shitpost to high heavens if you wish it. The problem is that WN go out and actively attack multiracial families and children for the crime of daring to exist. A mixed baby’s parents post some harmless videos of them spending time together as family, and the WN (alt-right) brigade their videos with disgusting comments. If that was not enough, they hunt down these people to find their address, so they can then harass the family sending threats of torture and death to an innocent couple and a baby! This is a crossing a line. Mixed families can’t even post videos on youtube without being doxxed and threatened? I’m sorry, my friend, I want Europeans to have healthy relationship with their ancestry, I really do; but if this white pride,then it’s got to go.


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