The Jewish Question II: Shlomo and the White Boys

Over on American Renaissance Chris Roberts has an interesting article on the anti-anti-White Left.  Even more interesting was his link to what he called a “statement of their worldview,” an article on Jacobin by Connor Kirkpatrick entitled “Burying the White Working Class.” Jacobin is more properly an old-school Progressive publication. They are not anti-anti-White so much as pro-Proletarian: they reject cultural Marxism but still uphold the teachings of the Original MCs Karl M. and Phat Phreddy Engels.  Their strict focus on the working class rather than the various axes of oppression has led them to recognize what the Alternative Right has been saying for years: if you’re poor and White, you have nobody in your corner looking out for you, and anything you do will quickly get tarred as “racism.”

Sure, I’m a Marxist

Jacobin sees race as a tool of the wealthy which keeps White proletarians and proletarians of Color bickering when they should be uniting. American Renaissance, in contrast, believes “Race is an important aspect of individual and group identity” and thinks West Virginians should be uniting to protect their White self-interests.  Both offer unflinching looks at problems which are all too often glossed over.  Whatever you may think of their answers, you have to give them credit for asking difficult questions. But where there are difficult questions, there will always be people ready to offer simple answers. And for many of AmRen‘s readers (or at least their commenters), White America’s troubles are all the fault of those damned Christ-denying bagel merchants. What they call the “Jewish Question” is more precisely their”Jewish answer” to all troubles ancient and modern.

As one recently redpilled, here are my thoughts:

Conspiracy theorizing does nothing to improve the lot of my brethren scratching out a precarious living in rural America. Like the “virtue signaling” so beloved amongst Leftists, conspiracy theories do more to prop up an individual’s self-image than to solve actual problems. Conspiracy theorists feel smarter than the deluded rubes around them.  They can bask in the warm glow of intellectual superiority while the rest of the world stumbles around blind to The Truth.  Criticizing their beliefs only makes them dig their heels in further: obviously they must be onto something if (((those people))) are working so hard to silence them.  But those who come to the argument without an agenda see those criticisms — and the flaws they point out — all too clearly.

I (and many other goyishe working-class White Americans) don’t care how many Jews work in the porn industry, how the Elders of Zion were behind every bad thing in history, or which Kosher wine pairs with unbaptized baby.  Fr. Charles Coughlin and Henry Ford tried to make anti-Semitism fashionable in Great Depression America. Neither succeeded. Instead anti-Semitism became associated with one of the 20th century’s most notorious political movements. And if you think the South never got over the Civil War, why would you think the grandchildren of WW II veterans would forget that conflict, or find the trappings of Nazism to be anything but repellant?

Protestant Christianity plays an enormous role in the lives of many working-class and impoverished White Americans: though many have abandoned their local churches they still identify strongly with their ancestral faith. But while churches are frequently hotbeds of anti-Semitism in Europe and Russia, devout American Christians are more likely to see the Jewish state as a prophecy fulfilled and to sympathize with the Jews as “God’s chosen people.” Recent losses in the culture wars have left these Christians feeling like their faith is under siege: attacking their churches as “pawns in the Jewish game” or suchlike will do little to endear them to your cause — or to you. Most working-class Whites rightly reject the idea that Blacks have no agency, that every crime they commit and every social ill which befalls them is the fault of White racism.  Why would they buy into the idea that White stupidity and self-destructiveness is all caused by the Learned Elders of Zion?

When Leftists scream “NAZI!” at Charles Murray, at Ben Shapiro or at lesbians who refuse to have PIV sex with transwomen they make the word — and themselves — increasingly irrelevant. When they scream “NAZI!” at guys sporting swastikas, people might just start thinking they have a point. Many White Americans really do love their race without hating others. They are tired of  ritualized White self-loathing and “privilege-owning.” But they are also sick of being called “racists.” This is not because the truth hurts: it is because they are not racists.  And when they come to Alternative Right forums and read comment after comment ranting about Jews (and “Dindus” and “Kebabs” and “Slopes” and…), they turn away from a movement they need desperately — and which needs them desperately.  Our people are dying:  WWII LARPers  and bored trolls are a luxury we can not afford.  Anti-Semitism may shock the mundanes, but it does nothing to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

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