Blood is Thicker Than Mead

I was going to write something on this sad episode but Galina Krasskova said pretty much everything that needs to be said.

I am proud to call Joe Bloch a friend and support him and his family without reservation. The AFA has lost a good man for no good reason and they are poorer for his departure.

Gangleri's Grove

For awhile now, a lot of my social circle has given me flack for my friendship with Joe Bloch, some even insisting that I cut ties with him or they would cut ties with me. In the handful of years that I’ve known him, I’ve found him to be reasonable, respectful, a man of virtue and integrity, committed to his Gods and his tradition and though there have been plenty of points on which we disagreed with each other (plenty!!), his character has never been in question and in working through those disagreements, I’ve come to appreciate his perspective and gained immense respect for the lines that he holds. I have never been prouder to call this man a friend than I am today reading his latest post, in which the AFA put pressure on him to leave because they felt his trans daughter would be viewed as ‘bad…

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