The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: of “Healthy Racial Preferences”

trumpdeport pepeOur introductory post continues to inspire discussion in the Blogosphere. Many took umbrage at the source for my opening quote, one “Auschwitz Soccer Ref.”  Several people noted (correctly) that he is a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite and wondered why I would give airtime to such an odious individual. My reasoning was at least in part simple.  “Cuck” is used by alt.right trolls to shock and offend. ASR shares his wisdom on The Right Stuff, a well-known alt.right website and host to podcast The Daily Shoah. If anybody has an informed opinion on cucks and the SJWs who call them on their privilege, it is Auschwitz Soccer Ref.

I could have looked around for somebody with better manners, but that would serve nobody’s interests. The Alternative Right’s genuflection at the altar of Political Incorrectness often descends into what the Southern Poverty Law Center defines as “hate” speech:

[B]eliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics… [and which]  can include criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.

I have seen no calls to criminal acts on any of the major Alternative Right sites. Even the notorious Daily Stormer, which bills itself as “The World’s #1 Alt-Right and Pro-Genocide Website,” notes in its disclaimer:

We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence. We seek revolution through the education of the masses. When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable.

Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently.

The Alternative Right is about as tightly organized and monolithic as American Neopaganism, and there is considerable diversity of thought therein.  (Far more, I would argue, than within contemporary Leftism. Most alt.righters would be willing to grant that People of Color have at times been victims of racism, whereas few White Leftists appear capable of seeing PoCs as anything but victims).  Much alt.right material is “racist” only insofar as any criticism of Open Borders or talk of interracial crime is declared prima facie racist.

That being said, there is no shortage of talk about shitskins (brown-skinned people) and mudsharks (White women who date them). Holocaust denial and Elders of Zionesque conspiracy theories abound: admiration for Western Civilization often comes with contempt for other civilizations.  We can’t understand Lovecraft’s tainted horrors without recognizing his virulent xenophobia, and we can’t grok the Alternative Right without engaging its trolls and recognizing their role in the movement.

In a nod to The Matrix series, newcomers  to the Alternative Right speak of being “redpilled.” After a period of increasing  discomfort with the Conventional Wisdom they have a sudden zazen enlightenment: they realize that “equality” is at best a polite legal fiction; that gender is more than performance and personal choice; that there are differences between the races; that Western Civilization is worth preserving; that they are White and not ashamed of their Whiteness.  Frequently they are first exposed to the alt.right when they follow an alt.right troll back to its lair. The shock of seeing loud, proud racism combined with the shock of discovering “those racists may have a point or two” brings about deep changes in the way they view the world.  And it all begins starts when that which once inspired only outrage suddenly inspires contemplation.

Of all the things Auschwitz Soccer Ref crammed into one paragraph, perhaps the most controversial was the his contention that the word ‘racist’ … “attempts to psychopathologize the healthy preference for our own race.” The idea that there might be a healthy preference for one’s own race led to all sorts of pearl-clutching. How could racism ever be anything but a deep primordial sickness and unqualified evil? Surely anybody who would say such a thing — and anybody who would quote that person or otherwise give him a platform — must be working to whitewash racism and clear the way for new and more brutal forms of state-sanctioned bigotry.

Many posted their outrage from northern California and the Pacific Northwest.  This region has large, loud and highly active Antifa, anarchist and Marxist communities.  It is a destination spot for young Leftists across America, a place where they can come to meet like-minded types and become part of an ongoing struggle against the forces of oppression. It is also Whiter than most of America.  As per Wikipedia, the approximate racial breakdown of the US population was as follows: 


Race / Ethnicity Number Percentage of
U.S. population
Americans 308,745,538 100.0 %
Non-Hispanic White 196,817,552 63.7 %
Non-Hispanic Black 37,685,848 12.2 %
Non-Hispanic Asian 14,465,124 4.7 %
Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native 2,247,098 0.7 %
Non-Hispanic Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 481,576 0.2 %
Non-Hispanic some other race 604,265 0.2 %
Non-Hispanic two or more races 5,966,481 1.9 %
Hispanic or Latino 50,477,594 16.3 %

The population of Portland, Oregon is 76.1% White and 6.3% Black while Eugene, Oregon is 85.8% White and 1.4% Black: Latinos make up 9.4% and 7.8% of the population, respectively. Seattle is 69.5% White, 7.9% Black, and 6.3% Latino. In San Francisco County Whites went from 48.5% to 53.5% of the population between 2010 and 2015 while Blacks declined from 6.1% to 5.7% of the population: the Latino population grew slightly during that period from 15.1% in 2010 to 15.3% in 2015. (San Francisco County also has a disproportionately high share of Asians — 33.5%, or almost eight times the national average.  While White-Asian relations in the US are less fraught with tension than engagements between Whites, Blacks and Latinos an overabundance of Asians in a once-White neighborhood can still provoke “White Flight”).  For all their courageous support of integration and all their brave stances against racism, many of these crusaders seem to feel most at home surrounded by enough crackers to remake Triumph of the Will.

I have seen this behavior among prosperous East Coast liberals as well.  They feel happiest living in a “diverse” neighborhood where there are enough non-White residents to make them feel good and warm and tolerant inside, but no so many as to threaten the community’s basic White hegemony.  And while Pagans and Heathens across North America have joined together to sign a declaration condemning the Asatru Folk Assembly for declaring their faith “the ethnic religion of the Northern European people,” most Heathen and Pagan gatherings are as lily-White as any AFA get-together.  It is difficult to shake the suspicion that the AFA is being pilloried not for their policies but for saying aloud that the Emperor Has No Black Friends.

“Equality” may be a fiction but it is a very important and useful one when used in the right circumstances.  There is something to be said for holding all men equal before the law, even if we honor that more in the breach than the observance. “Diversity” as fiction is worse than useless.  It diverts energy that could be put toward meeting real problems and uses it toward feel-good statements and ceremonial acts aimed at assuaging White guilt and avoiding bad publicity. If we are going to condemn the AFA’s interpretation of “ethnic religion” as exclusionary toward non-Whites, perhaps we should also ask why so few non-Whites appear interested in attending our circles no matter how loudly we advertise them as “diverse” and “tolerant.”

10 thoughts on “The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: of “Healthy Racial Preferences”

  1. You’ve drawn some analogies between leftist pagans and the alt-right. Speaking now as someone who isn’t part of the activist left or any variety of conservatism but is familiar with the writings of progressives and the alt-right, I’d say the difference between the two is that even the angriest, most militant leftists are willing to judge individuals based on their actions and stated beliefs – or at least an interpretation of such – and not immutable aspects of identity, while the alt-right so often makes a virtue of the opposite.

    I am nominally Jewish, although I have no connection to religious Judaism and practice what could be called a polytheistic spirituality. I have had leftists angrily hurl the word “Zionist” like an epithet at me when they heard me espouse opinions on the Arab-Israel conflict which would be considered moderate in most contexts but which differ from their own. I have never had anyone on the left hurl a slur at me simply on learning of my ancestry without me voicing actual opinions, or felt like my like my presence was suspect in progressive circles simply because of my genetic lineage. (And honestly, I’d worry about both being issues in any personal interaction I’d have with a huge percentage of the alt-right, something you acknowledge in your essay.) I suspect the same is true for most Whites who have had negative experiences with the activist left ; one could fairly accuse a segment of progressives of shrillness and humorous groupthink on the subjects of race and gender, but I’ve never heard of someone bitterly attacked by a progressive simply for being White without having actually expressed a political view or taken an action deemed bigoted (fairly or not.). If there is, as you suggest, hypocrisy among many leftists as between what they claim to believe in and who they actually want to associate with – I’m reminded of proto alt-rightist Joseph Sobran’s quip that White liberals talk like Civil Rights leaders and have the lifestyle habits of Klansmen – surely the expressed idealism, if often breached in practice, at least points to an intellectual awareness of a serious ethic worth striving for?

    Isn’t it generally better to fail at being good than not to try at all?


  2. “Isn’t it generally better to fail at being good than not to try at all?”

    Translation: Isn’t it better to ruin White cities, White schools, White cultures, and White countries than to say no?

    For starters, you’re a Jew. You’re not White. You have no magical “right” to tell Whites anything or demand anything from Whites. You’re a foreigner who is attempting to convince White people that it’s better to be a nice, hated, beleaguered minority in your own country than be a mean, hated, beleaguered minority in your own country. This is the same schpeel you used in South Africa after the Whites allowed Litvaks to immigration from the Soviet Union. Within a single generation your people were rallying and organizing Africans against Whites – the founders of South Africa. You’re a co-ethnic of Joe Slovo, the Jew who led chants of “Kill the White Farmer! Kill the Boer!” Those are you people. Those are your values. Those are the values of an irreligious Jew demanding Whites accept “Diversity.”

    Whites are going our own way and you’re not White.

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    1. I’m very glad for this comment, because this, more than anything else, reaffirms why I have a hard time drawing analogies between the excesses of the left and the alt-right ; the former, at least, try to assess individuals on the basis of their actions, even if the judgments reached are often suspect or shrill – with the latter, too often, genetics becomes the byword for morality.


    2. This is an astute reply. I have been a polytheist for nearly thirty years and was about to give up when faced with the current obsession with “progressive” politics and witch-hunts directed at anyone who does not bow and scrape at the altar of BLM, white displacement and cultural suicide.

      At one time, I was a member of Hellenion and I watched that group get destroyed by an aesthetically-challenged Jewess who was more obsessed with pretending to be a vampire, a Catholic, a Thelemite, a mouth-piece for Apollo and a ceremonial magician, than actually building a viable expression of Hellenic polytheism. Of course, she’s in MA, so this kind of salad bar malarkey is acceptable. When she pretended to become Catholic, she handed control of the group off to her friend, a female-to-male transsexual. She’s still around, of course, and infecting every group she joins with her bizarre Semitic pathology. Hilariously enough, she’s imagined herself as some kind of anti-racist Gestapo as she and her sycophants plot to doxx and takedown anyone who has a difference opinion. The very existence of a site like this is anathema to her. Right now, her ire is directed toward Galina for having the temerity to support the AFA.

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  3. We met briefly at a Chesapeake Pagan Group Gathering one summer at Camp Ramblewood. I was one of three vendors (Animal Teachers). We had our picture taken together washing dishes.

    I bring that up since at the time the CPG wanted to know how to get more people to their Gathering. You replied that for people of ATRs that nudity was problematic. The Camp was noted for its open nudity polity and folks at the CPG liked that. What I took away from that, was that no one asked anyone outside of their group how to get more people. We all assumed things without checking them – such as how to be more welcoming to people of ATRs. (African Traditional Religions)

    The one thing that is missing in this conversation is that white people are talking to other white people about being racists. When does the conversation include everyone else? I see the anti-racist group speaking for everyone, but not really identifying anyone that they spoke to outside of their group. Among bloggers, I don’t see many non-White bloggers in the Pagansphere. I wonder why that is?

    I personally think that we de facto segregate because well as primates, that what primates do – separate into bands. When a strange primate comes, there is a long process to decide whether to accept them or not. Depending on the sex, species, and who is heading the troop. As humans, we forget that we are also animals.

    I didn’t realize that the Pacific Northwest was so … white. Living in Washington DC, we are anything but. Outside of one notable person, are there any others from that area or even the East Coast areas, outside of white onclaves who has been as vocal about this racist issue?

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